Matthew Peyton



  1. Sanitize everything with Star San (Affiliate Link)
  2. Pour 2 Lbs of honey into a carboy using a funnel
  3. Use warm distilled water to wash all of the honey into the carboy
  4. Fill the carboy halfway with the warm distilled water
  5. Put a stopper in the carboy
  6. Shake it a lot! Then shake it some more!
  7. Fill the rest of the carboy with distilled water (just below the start of the neck)
  8. Take a sample using a siphon into a large beaker
  9. Float a hydrometer in the beaker and take a specific gravity measurement
  10. Dump the sample back into the carboy
  11. Add a packet of yeast and stir
  12. Put the stopper back in, put the airlock in, filled with vodka
  13. Now put the carboy in storage and wait
  14. After the airlock bubbles slow down (typically in a few weeks), take another hydrometer reading
  15. Once you have two readings that haven’t changed, OR you don’t see any more bubbles, then it’s ready to bottle
  16. Bottle it!

Hydrometer Readings